Recent Improvements to the site and materials

I have included the application of Reserve Rules for Airport Standby and Home Standby with respect to the CCAR.

I have also corrected the Weekly Rest Rule in CCAR 121.495(B) and its interaction with Unforseen Extensions under CCAR 121.485(C).

Materials will soon be available from in the next few days.



I am glad to announce the release of:

Understanding CCAR 121 Subpart P – A Generic interpretation

The intention of this site is to gather information, so the CCAR Part 121 carriers conducting operations under Subpart P have a reference point towards the safe application of the regulations.

On 10-Oct-2017, the CCAA issued Revision 5 of CCAR 121.

Subpart P will now better align with industry practices with respect to Fatigue Management for Flight and Cabin Crews.

The new regulations must be implemented no later than 31-Dec-2019.